My ideas died...

7:47 PM

Where were the days?
When I was happy,
Happy at heart,
Happy with what I had,
Happy with the people,
Who made me happy.

Those days are gone,
Says my inner myself
It even says,
Were there actually such days?
In my life.

Eventually my ideas died,
My thoughts died,
My inspiration died,
My enthusiasm died,
I asked myself out,
Out with a sorrowful and
A blissful heart,
“What else is left?”

People who gave me a helping hand,
 Left me alone.
Roaming down the streets,
Like a bird, untamed.
Unknown with the latitudes,
I crossed many frontiers,
Hills, terrains, rivers seas,
And finally came the ocean.

I journeyed through the vast sea,
Until I got tired and could fly no more,
But I couldn’t find a rock,
A piece of land not even
A place to rest.
I couldn’t even drink,
Damned. I cursed.
I couldn’t go back,
Nor could I move any further.

But I never took a step backward,
I mustered all my energy,
In search of peace, solace and eternal love.
But in vain,
My energy dried up,
My enthusiasm failed me to conquer,
My inspiration was lost amid the blissful ocean,
I became unconscious,
Unconscious to my aspiration,
For which I thrived for ages to fulfil.

I was exhausted,
I couldn’t cry at my loss,
Neither could I move forward,
Fell down unconsciously.
And finally
My thoughts died,
My inspiration died,
My enthusiasm died.

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