A Little Help.

10:54 AM

The days became colder,
The nights became darker,
As I tried my guts to sleep
Through the feared future
I was lost. 

Lost in the wilderness of the present,
A simple small mistake haunts me
Everyday, Every-night, Every moment,
I wish I had the chance to change, 
Chance to set it right, I wish.

But time has passed, 
Whats' not to be done was done,
I fell below the darkest despair,
Trying to re-consolidate the past,
With all my might.

The nights are sleepless, 
As I try to get out of the mess,
I am left with excuses and lies,
I am helpless, wasted.
I lost my mind somewhere!

Tears have stopped flowing, 
For the cold had condensed it,
The heart cried for itself, 
Heard by no one
Cried in its loudest despair.

For help, path, light.
The cry was unheard, 
The pain was un-cared.
Left to the suffering
Of its own countless mistakes.

A chance was all that needed.
Like a small light in the darkness.
Like a Path beyond the horizon.
Like a way of Salvation.
All I need is A Little Hope, A Little Help. 

-Ajay Kontham [2012] 

P.S. I seriously don't know what this is called. I think you also don't know. Lets' say its nothing. Photos are from Google, edited in Picasa to form a Collage. 

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