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The following whatever it is called has bee published by the author in his blog : The Shaded Shadows.

Rumble, Mumble, Jumble, 
I play with the words, 
Despite they making no sense
I end up killing the essence.

I try, you know, 
But all I get is a space, 
So Void, So Blank, 
Yet, I try to paint anything but Black.

I see an empty vessel
Waiting to be complete
I put my thoughts to fill
Perhaps, it needs much more skill.

They say, there is light
At the end of the tunnel.
But where does the tunnel begin
And where does it end?

I try to reason
With Past and Present.
So I mention in assumption,
But, Its' just my imagination.

The pieces lay scattered,
I try to assemble them.
Easy as it seems, Much difficult it is.
After all, I just Rumble, Mumble and Jumble.

- Ajay Kontham [ 2012]

#Jumble #Worambling #Words 

P.S. : I think the title of the Post isn't that apt. Actually, there wasn't supposed to be any Post-Script. I felt like it was empty-sort-of, so I am filling this up with much more ... what do we call it ? hmm...er..yeah...Nonsense! 

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  1. LOL It isn't nonsense. You've said so much here. "Yet, I try to paint anything but Black," says a lot about your positivity. Nicely written, Ajay! :)

    1. Thank You, Vaishali.
      Means a lot.

      Thanks for dropping by. :)


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