Sunken Melody.

11:06 AM

The Sun drowned into Night
Danced in Patience
Sang in Silence
While I sank in darkness.

The sweetness of the Song, 
Felt Bitter in its Melody.
The Pleasant wind that blew, 
Felt Harsh in my face.

Days swirled into Nights,
And Nights into Days
Time was an enemy,
For it never cared about me.

The Morning sunshine, Beautiful
Yet, Felt like a raging Fire.
The refreshing Nights, Peaceful
Yet, Felt like a sleepless fright.

Confusion surrounded the Patience, 
Anger rose beneath the Softness.
But I was lost, wandering, searching for solace
Escaping from Life, from Myself.

It never stopped, no matter what!
Disheartened, I was. Until Someone said
"Life is too Short,
To Work so Hard."

Left Everything to follow my Dream
Struggled beyond my capability,
Until, I felt the Beautiful Sunshine
The Pleasant Night and the Melodious Song.

© Ajay Kontham [2013] 

P.S. : Agreed! The title doesn't make any sense. 

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