Strange Life.

10:03 PM

Author's Note : The following is a 'Worambling' (Rambling with words). Originally  written here.

The night woke up in the dark
Surrounded with silence 
Calmness overtook the litle patience
As I drifted from one thought to another

Winds swirled in the air
Somersaulting with the hot currents
The dark became dearer 
While the patience worn out slowly

For life is such
Whispered someone from behind my back
A voice so familiar
For it was none other than mine

While my strength drained
While my thoughts faded
Time was winning in its part
For it is a competition 

Little moments of bliss
Flashed like an old movie
Overwhelmed was I so see such serenity
For my mind never accepted such beauty

I failed to retrospect
When I realized struggle is not my type.
At my helplessness, People laughed
while Arrogance subsided the little hope. 

Defeated , I did feel
For my will was shattered 
Surrounded in darkness
I felt the suction into the black hole

In vain, I tried to escape
Which seemed like a distant dream
Determined I was to get out
Only to realize that I was already lost.

Little hope tried to keep me alive
Pushing me hard to relive
Every passing moment
Slowly belittled my determination

Deep was I in the despair 
For a little ray of light, if at all
Faded midst the torturous dark
While I tried not to lose hope.

Ajay Kontham

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