That Love.

1:15 AM

What beauty you withhold
That clenches my heart
That spins me into dreams
That makes me go Crazy

Among the distant shades,
Various shadows of people
You seems so clear, so vivid
While I remain a shadow!

Emptiness that my heart holds, 
You fill it with your warmness.
Your smile, so fulfilling
Your Beauty, so ecstatic.

Illuminated by your charm, 
I am at loss of words
To express how I feel, 
How you make me feel.

What magic you know
What spell you put
What sorcery you performed
To bind me in your thoughts.

I sometimes, find myself
Losing to the melody of your beauty
Drowning in your warm smile
Sleeping with your dreams.

So close you feel, in thoughts
Yet so far. I wish
You know what I felt, 
What you did to me.

Compelled I am, to ask God
Just to make you my life, 
With the eternal love
I find in you. 

- Ajay Kontham  ©  2013

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  1. Its so unexpectedly beautiful when love poems comes from you!
    Coz you hardly sound of what you write.. Mystery man! :D
    This was lovely but!! Thumbs up!!

    1. Experience is one thing. Imagination is another thing.
      I try to imagine that feeling, which is so alien to me.
      You see, I am just trying.

      But wasn't it just some senseless rambling of words?
      Haha. Mystery Man! Does sound like me. :P

      Glad you liked it. Thank You. :D

  2. Would agree with Donna. The man who had a opinion about love on the valentine day (you knw the love post) can write so romantic verses.

    Maybe as you said, its made of imagination? Whatever it is, it is beautiful. Sounds like these feelings comes from an experienced :P

    1. I guess, I have some issues. :P
      And I got imagination as well, you see. :D

      So, Thank You. Glad you liked it. :D
      Are you serious ? An experienced one ? I Wish I was. No one gives me a chance to get some experience yaar. :( #NoKidding :P
      By the way, let me clear the air. It is seriously my Imagination , nothing more. :D

    2. Hahahaha, don't worry. I know its completely imagination :) Its quite obvious :) But that was a beautiful imagination !! :) # NoKidding :P (your style:P)

    3. Phew! Finally you believe. :P

      Thank You, adreamygal. :D

      Wait! No Sarcasm right? :P

  3. A sign of a vivacious, prolific and truly talented writer is that they can write about things they haven't experienced yet. Imagination is one of the biggest gifts that we have as humans. That is what's limitless and lets us go beyond unthinkable. Wouldn't you agree?

    That said, you have a way with words. I could imagine as I read your words. That's a writing full of impact.

    Have a good day! :)

    1. I totally agree. :)

      Wow. Full of Impact! Glad you find it that way. :)

      Thank You. You too. :)

  4. That was beautiful! Wish I could write something even close to that! :)
    You've got a new follower! ;)

    1. Thanks a lot, Krittika.
      Of course you can.

      When I can write, anybody can write. And I guess you would write even better than me.

      *Yay*. Thanks for the follow up. :)

  5. It makes me smile when men write about love and the beauty of a woman in their life. The world suddenly becomes so beautiful!!

  6. Very dreamy. Suits your profile description!

  7. We all cherish our childhood days, when life was free of worries or pressure. How nice it would be if our whole life went on without any problems, keeping intact the innocence.


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