5:45 PM

I had been waiting for you so long,

 Every touch of yours 'enriches' me,

Every splash of yours 'delights' me,

Every drop of yours makes me 'rejoice',

Every sense of yours fills my soul with 'richness of life',

The pleasant breeze touches my heart,

The coolness gives me 'enthusiasm',

Walking through the wet lanes,

I find the child me again,

Hope, I enjoy the feeling forever. 

P.S. :: This is a short poem, as I call it. I thought of writing something too long, but lastly I dropped the thought. It may be that, this is old or may be you might have heard of it before. And I apologize if this resembles another's work on poetry.  On a contrary, these came from my mind/heart also. Déjà vu . !!! 

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  1. nice one!!!
    so ajay is even a poet!!!

  2. Thanks yaar. Actually that was your generosity. Me a Poet.?? No way. That was just an experiment. And I think it is not at all poetic. Anyhow if you feel it's good, that's good to me.

    Thanks for the visit and the comment.

    ~ Ajay Kontham.

  3. Very nice. I love this and rain is a joy we should acknowledge more often.

  4. @ Linda Ann :: Thank you.

    Thanks for the visit and the comment. :)


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