10:19 PM

The Dark summoned on me,
The silence of the night,
And the confusion of the path,
Drove me crazy.

I looked around me through the hazel eyes,
Darkness was all round me.
I pitied myself convincing that it was my fault.
I was lost, was I?

I had a destination to reach,
Out of now where, I didn’t know where I was.
I rampaged all round me,
And found myself the place where I started.

Time was running out.
I had to reach on time.
But now that I am lost,
I need the easiest way out.

Suddenly, I saw a light.
I was relieved, was I?
No. Another question popped out.
What if It isn’t where I was supposed to go?

Confusion struck me again.
It was long till sunrise,
I feel devastated.
What should I do?

If I stayed till sunrise,
I definitely wouldn't make up, even if I know where to go.
If I followed the little light in the dark,
Atleast ,I would have tried.

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