Life goes on .....

1:11 PM

The heart sank in sorrow,
Sank in an ocean of sorrow,
Uncared, untamed,
Beating endlessly with a rhythm
Rhythmic Impulses!!

I tried to stop,
Tried to break the rhythm,
But it is uncared by my actions,
Stubborn, peaceful
Doing its only job.

The tears rolled down the cheek
Salted and ambiguous flavoured water,
One followed by another,
I even tried to stop the endless flow.
But I couldn’t.

B’cause they were tears.
Tears of pain.
Tears of sorrow.
Tears of hatred.
Tears of Anger.
Tears of  depression,
And everything.

Sitting idly at the corner of a room,
Thinking about the past,
Repenting about what I did.

I finally decided to end it all.
End everything.
End the stream of sorrowful tears,
End the rhythmic heartbeat.

But I heard a voice,
Saying that I was wrong
Noise of my inner self,
Saying ‘Patience, my dear friend’.
More were the tears that ‘Patience’ brought,
And finally patience died.

What is left??
What is the purpose?
What is the need?
Why only me?
Why? What ?
Agitated the heart.

Don’t Pity me.
People gave a puzzled
And a distressed look.
I ran down to the memories,
What have I done so worse?
Is this the result of an un-implied result?
Or the consequences of the wrong tread.

My mind ran over unthought-of
Unsaid and unknown things,
Realisation is required.
Of something which I can’t make out.
Dilemma surrounded me,
Frustration rose deep,
Deep beneath the heart,

Heart became a home of sorrow,
Friends being distress,
Relatives being sadness,
But above all ‘Life’ goes on..........

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