1:34 PM

I rose
I tumbled
I rose again
But I fell again
Was the floor slippery
Or am I not conscious
Of what I am doing

Screaming at my inability
Shouting at my negligence
Rises some more questions
But I tumbled again

Feeling of lonesome
Surrounds the atmosphere around me
Around me I see people rising
Rising to reach the stars

Steady is their path
Not trodden, clean and straight
Statistics is what if we draw
Linearity is the progress

Working, working hard is what they know
No matter how hard it would be
Unconscious about failure
Rise, rise like a dawn
Each morning, each day

Then it’s me
Those anxious moments
Moments of success
Which is quite not well versed with me

There it’s me again
Standing in the path
Standing like a rock
Not affected by anything
Looking at the success thrivers

Questions they ask
Am I useless
Am I of no use
Am I retarded
Am I shameless
Don’t I have a goal
Don’t I have an aim
Don’t I have any ambition

Questions, questions, questions
Questions which make me think
Think about all that they say
Think! Think! Think!

Think is all that
I can do
Am being a rock
Acting selfishly like a rock
Without a trail of trying
Trying to be normal like the peer group

I rose
I tumbled
I rose again
But I fell again.


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