Life ...

10:41 PM

A heart so lonely
Full in utter Confusion
Mindless queries
And unanswered questions

A chill in the spine
A silent tear brimming
At the edge of the eye
Walking lonely among many
Uncared by many
Loved by a few, very few

Giving some temperament
Life is a good teacher
Going past me fast and steady
Dragging me into utter confusion
Confusion!! Of future, the moment next

Time is an elusive thief
Flashing moments of happiness
By precision, are very few
Suddenly overpowered by sadness
Sadness!! Struggle.

Happy are the people beside me
With no time to waste,
Moving steadily in the journey,
Journey of life.

Sitting idle on a branch
Like an owl watching,
Branch being the path
Leading to many small big streams
Dilemma. Illusion. Confusion.
Surround the ambiance
Around me I feel
An air of turgidity.

Life is a mystery nurtured thoughts
Which keep me at stake.
The sense inner
Inner sense abides with me
Constantly, sometimes showing path
Obstacles and the dangers.

Abusing the time
Insulting the so called human caliber
Even enthusiasm.
Making me much more weak and lonely
Life goes on.

Looking back gives much sorrow
Optimism is failing
Pessimism is winning
The battle for life
For the ultimate victory
The victory being loss

Falling like an exhausted dry leaf
Ruffled by the winds
Thrown by the air
Washed by the water
Moving to a location, unknown.

The shore at the sea
Touching my feet
Every time it touches  
Gives me a sense of failure
Overpowered by the sea at shore
Dragging me to the bottom
Bottom of the sea
Sailing in the under-sea
Unprotected, forgotten and Alone
Trepidation has taken a warm place in my heart.

Waiting for some help
Help to bring me to shore
Help to teach me the life
Help to keep me at bay from failures
Help to teach me the odds of life
Help to make success a friend.


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